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12 Jazz Etudes

€ 29,50 

56 pages Twelve etudes dealing with a different aspect of improvising over harmonic material. Each etude is in fact a transcribed solo that exposes a certain subject as clear as possible. The solo is analyzed and preliminary exercises are given. All transcriptions are detailed and with the correct fingerings. A true insight into the process of soloing.

Comprehensive Bass Method book 1

€ 63,50 

318 pages In this book many, many of the aspects that are relevant for a jazz bassist are covered. Harmony, rhythm, posture, thumb position, soloing .... it goes on and on. Many photo\'s show desirable hand and arm positions. The exercises of Book 2 are all described here, their subject, their approach, examples and method are described clearly. A book that has a value for any jazz bassist that is active as a performer; on whatever level.

Comprehensive Bass Method book 2

€ 67,50 

628 pages This volume shows you hundreds of exercises dealing with specific challenges each time. All exercises show clear and logic fingerings and are worked out meticulously. Rhythm, cross rhythms over standard progressions, reading elements. A book that can keep you occupied for many, many years. All exercises are objective and try to deal with a certain aspect as explicitely as possible. A CD with all exercises in MIDI is included