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Did I check? Oh yes, many, many times. The tekst was checked again and again. The examples, the photo’s. But I must say till the very last days I kept on finding little things, a komma, a dot ..... Book 2 is another story: the fingerings were checked and checked again but I am sure there must be slight irregularities.
What I will do is this: I will post all mistakes on this page, so you can rectify things in the books. I would appreciate it if you would communicate any error you encounter to me; however minuscule. We can then all look forward to a second edition (for our own students and musical children) in the future without anyglitches.
Thanks so much.
Comprehensive Bass Method Book 1
page description
703rd example: in the last chord the \"b\" should be a \"c\".
221093. (forgot the dot).
275156. (forgot the dot).
Comprehensive Bass Method Book 2
page description
36bar 21-30-35-40: each note must be 1/2 step higher.
84bar 101-102: the Cb and Bb (2x) must be 1 octave higher.
126bar 78: note 5 and note 13 must be with 4th finger.
167bar 103 through 120: serious postscript problem. For pdf see examples under \"books\".